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Turmoil In First Week Of ’22
Will We Make It To ’23

Unrest abounded this week. A glance at different regions shows us a world of conflicts. From violent protests in Khazakstan to a Haitian leader fleeing for his life, to U.S. teachers’ unions demanding a return to remote learning, the world is not a very harmonious place. Which is not too good for us. We have no other world to go to.

In the United States, some politicians, along with some major media outlets, are hell-bent on making every little issue a political one. The simple act of wearing a mask became a political issue. The same politicians and their followers don’t show concern for anybody’s safety. They merely aim to mock and discredit their political opponents.

To turn any issue into one of contention, the same lawmakers and media personalities employ a steady diet of misinformation, lies, and conspiracy theories to keep their constituents excited and at odds with the truth. Many of their followers refused to wear masks simply to express their opposition to the other political party. And many of their followers have gotten sick and died, mumbling that Covid-19 was a hoax.

Thirteenth Amendment Passes

TIH 031 2022 Slavery Abolished

January 31, 2022: In history, on this day in 1865, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, ending the institution of slavery in the U.S. Prior to this, Lincoln had issued an Emancipation Proclamation freeing only the slaves in southern states. It was a strategic move on Lincon’s part. Later, toward the end of the war, Congress approved and the U.S. House of Representatives passed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

Senator Harry Reid, Sidney Poitier, and Peter Bogdanovitch are three of several prominent persons who left us this past week. Their accomplishments and contributions in politics and entertainment were enjoyed by millions of people. However, it seems they helped build up a world that does not exist just now.

It’s tempting to ask the question, “Why?”   Why won’t the leaders of Khazakstan work with the people to find solutions to their problems, rather than await opportunities to shoot protesters. Why can’t the people of Haiti get along with each other. It is a relatively small island. To build a friendly community should be doable.

Without all the contentiosness, without the disinformation campaign supported by so many partisans of one political party, the questions would not be, “Why,” but “How.” How can teachers, administrators, and lawmakers make the schools safe? How could business owners and workers devise plans that provide safety for everyone while getting workers back to their work places?

Unfortunately, in our current world, people are discouraged from asking “how” to get things done. Instead, we are in a world that keeps itself divided, with people angry at each other simply for political reasons. What tragic disaster has to occur in order for people to disregard politics, and work harmoniously with people of different political leanings? I hope it does not come to a tragic disaster. I hope people will open their eyes to the harm they are doing themselves and the possibilities that lie ahead when they decide to work together.

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