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Today In History contains daily excerpts from events in the past. Occasionally, we compare what happened long ago with what is going on today.

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The Supremes

tih-230114 Supremes Last Concert

On January 14, 1970, Diana Ross and the Supremes held their last concert together before Diana Ross began her solo career. It was a highly anticipated event, and the audience was filled with fans from around the world. The group performed many of their biggest hits, including, “Someday We’ll Be Together.” It was a milestone in the history of popular music, marking the end of the Supremes’s career.

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Douglas Wilder

tih-230113 Douglas Wilder Becomes First Elected Black Governor

On January 13, 1990 Douglas Wilder of Virginia became the nation’s first elected Black governor. He is noted for his efforts to promote racial harmony and equality. Promoting understanding and cooperation, Wilder’s term as governor has paved the way for other people of minority groups to get into govenment.

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tih-230112 Original Amos n Andy Debuts

On January 12, 1926, a two-man comedy series “Sam ‘n’ Henry” debuted on Chicago’s WGN radio station. It centered around two black men who had come from the deep south to Chicago to seek their fortunes. When the show moved to a different radio station two years later, its name changed to “Amos ‘n’ Andy.” The “Amos ‘n’ Andy” radio show became one of the most popular radio shows in American history.

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tih-230111 Grand Canyon Becomes National Monument

On January 11, 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt declared the Grand Canyon a national monument. Prior to that, the canyon was becoming a very popular tourist destination, and was in danger of being developed for commercial or industrial purposes. By declaring the canyon a national monument, Theodore Roosevelt ensured that the natural wonder would be preserved for the enjoyment of future generations.

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