Today In History

Today In History contains daily excerpts from events in the past. Occasionally, we compare what happened long ago with what is going on today.


TIH 013 2022

January 13, 2022: In history, on this day in 1128, Pope Honorius II granted a papal sanction to the military order known as the Knights Templar. The mission of the Templars was to protect Christian Pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land at the time of the Crusades. Myths and legends of mysteries and secrets of the Templars have inspired books and movies, such as “The Da Vinci Code.”

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Haiti 2010 Earthqake

TIH 012 2022

January 12, 2022: In history, on this day in 2010, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake shook Haiti nearly to death. The initial quake demolished buildings and flat-out damaged hospitals and other essential facilities. And that was just the initial shock. There were multiple aftershocks the first day, and they continued on into the night and for several more days. That was 12 years ago, and Haiti still has not fully recovered.

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TIH 011 2022

On January 11, 1964 United States Surgeon General Luther Terry, on behalf of the U.S. Government, announced a definitive link between smoking and cancer.

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TIH 010 2022

January 10, 2022: In history, on this day in 1901, a drilling derrick in Texas opened up a real gusher. Crude oil sprayed out hundreds of feet from the derrick. This marked the beginning of the American oil industry.
In Italy, vandals defaced the white cliffs at Scala dei Turchi. Municipal workers and local citizens cleaned up the mess the same day.
U.S. – Russia talks reached a stand-still. Russia does not want the Ukraine to join NATO. The U.S. and allies refused to ban the Ukraine from joining the U.N.

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