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What In The World – 01 January 2022

It’s the first day of the year. The first time to use 2022 in the letterhead. It is Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, so I haven’t much to say about the daytime events.

In the news, there are wildfires scorching and burning houses and communities in Colorado. I don’t think anybody was prepared for this. But apparently some climate change experts have weighed in to claim that much of this disaster IS related to climate change.

In other news, television and movie icon Betty White is being remembered for her long career in acting. She died 17 days before her 100th birthday, which is sad because she had been planning her 100th birthday party.

Politicians are honoring the life and career of former senator and majority leader, Harry Reid, who also passed away very recently? I remember hearing that before he became involved in politics, Harry Reid was a boxer. This background related to Harry Reid’s tenacious fights to get legislation passed.

Well that’s about all I remember about this day’s events. Locally the rain is beginning to subside.

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