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The year is off to a start.  Not much, if anything, has changed.  All the news is ongoing stories from last year.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to weigh heavily on people’s minds.  The Omicron variant is overwhelming hospitals and communities.  Some medical experts are claiming that up to 85% of recent cases of Covid 19 are people who are un-vaccinated.   

I think there is a growing feeling among vaccinated people that those who could be vaccinated but refuse to get vaccinated are behaving like parasites, and making matters worse for everybody. That we may be able to open up more – more restaurants, more movie theaters, more schools, more workplaces – if only everybody cooperated and worked together.

Similar things might be said about climate change.  Except that just about everybody has contributed to air and water polution.  And our only choices for remedying the situation are small bandaids that won’t be effective for  quite some time.  Any gestures now to counter climate change will not help the residents of Colorado, where wild fires continue to burn.

I want to end these posts on a happy note, so here is mine. I discovered that streaming tv has ways to see live programming.  Not live studio audiences as some shows had in the olde days,  But we can see the old shows.   Today I saw a movie with Jimmy Stewart I had never seen before.  He and other iconic actors of his time brought something special to the silver screen, and now to the little screen as wel.


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