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Crazy Horse

What In The World : January 8, 2022

On This Day In History

On January 8, 1877, Crazy Horse, an Oglala Lakota warrior, and his men fought their final battle against the U.S. Cavalry in Montana. Outnumbered and low on ammunition , Crazy Horse and his men were able to fight off the cavalry long enough to allow the women and children at his camp to escape.

Four months later, on May 6, 1877, Crazy Horse led 1100 Native Americans to the Red Cloud Reservation near Fort Robinson in Nebraska. There he surrendered. There he died in October, 1877, when a guard fatally stabbed him. Today there is a memorial dedicated to Crazy Horse – a massive monument carved into a mountain, not far from a similar monument in Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota.

In The World:
Khazakstan’s Street Battles Could Be Fueled By A Power Struggle Among Political Elites
Almaty, Kazakhstan’s former capital and still its business and cultural hub, was the scene of violence that shocked just about everyone. President Tokayev, fortified by Russian troops, on Friday ordered security forces to “fire without warning” to restore order. Not only the president but also many of his critics, who have long complained of rampant corruption in the oil-rich nation, were taken aback by the scale of the violence.

The crisis happened at the same time as a power struggle within the government. This led people to speculate that the people fighting in the streets were proxies for feuding factions of the political elite. On Saturday, in what appeared to be a sign of political infighting, Kazakhstan’s powerful intelligence agency claimed it had arrested Karim Masimov, who had been the agency’s leader, on suspicion of treason.

In America:
As Teachers’ Unions Push for Remote Schooling, Parents And Teachers Face A Worrying Dilemma

For several months, we thought we saw light at the end of a long tunnel. Schools were open, children were receiving in-person instruction, and educators were guiding themselves and their students to follow Covid safety measures. The set-up of the classroom was not ideal. Desks and chairs were separated, and the children were cautioned to keep their distances throughout the day. Everybody, students, teachers, administrators, and other staff wore masks. It was not an ideal learning or social atmosphere, but at least it offered human contact.

While there are yet to be final conclusions, studies have shown that children have suffered emotionally, mentally, and even scholastically due to Covid restrictions keeping them at home, doing remote learning. In addition, classroom teachers find far less satisfaction talking to a computer than interacting face to face with students.

The Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus threw us all a curve ball. It is so contagious, and even a danger if you are fully vaccinated, that you cannot blame teachers for not wanting to be in a school building, no less a classroom all day, every day. Parents face the same dilemma. They know the best thing is to have their kids in school, but they are also aware of the high health risks involved. So when teachers’ unions call for a return to remote learning, it is not without qualms.

Have we created a world of injustice?

On this date, January 8, in 1877, Crazy Horse fought his last battle against the U.S. Cavalry. Although a massacre of his people was avoided, nevertheless Crazy Horse realized there would be no end to this war. So he moved his men to a reservation – which is where the U.S. government wanted them to go, and he surrendered.

There would have been no need for battle had the U.S. kept its earlier treaties with the Indians. There would have been no need for battle had American citizens acknowledged the basic human rights of the indigenous people to retain their ways of living – freely throughout the land, and not limited to the reservations. Where is the justice?

Today, in Khazakstan there are protests in the streets. Peaceful protests that turn violent. The protests began when people saw fuel prices go up and up to a rate they could not sustain. The extra burden caused by inflation has been merged with the people’s movement to end dictatorships and move more toward a democracy.

The recent shocking violence in Almaty, a former capital of Khazakstan, brought speculation that there was infighting amongst the political elite. That the different political factions used the people fighting in the streets to fight their own battles by proxie. Meanwhile, the president of Khazakstan, aided with Russian troops, has ordered security forces to “fire without warning” at protestors. Where is the justice?

Back in America, Americans have built a massive system including an Education system whereby all children are required to attend school. We might argue that the quality of education has eroded as demands on teachers have increased. The Covid-19 pandemic is proving to be a massive massive hurdle for educators, administrators, and students and their families. It has thrown standard teaching practices out the window (or out the door at schools that have no window). And it has caused undue psychological stress for everybody, including all the students.

Where is the justice?

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