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The Supremes

January 14, 1970 The Supremes Hold Their Farewell Concert In Las Vegas

Diana Ross and the Supremes Hold Their Last Concert Together

On January 14, 1970, legendary Motown group Diana Ross and The Supremes held their last concert together in Las Vegas. To commemorate the occasion, thousands of fans filled the venue to celebrate some of the greatest hits of the past decade and say goodbye to one of the most influential groups of their time. With Diana Ross as lead singer, The Supremes performed timeless classics like “Baby Love” and “You Can’t Hurry Love”.

From Motown to Stardom
The legendary Motown vocal group first came together in 1959. They were created by Berry GordyThe Supremes Jr., the founder of Motown Records and a renowned songwriter and producer.

Gordy had initially put together The Primettes as an all-girl singing group in 1959. The group included Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, Diane (later upgraded to Diana) Ross, and Betty McGlown. After signing with Motown two years later under the name ‘The Supremes’, the quartet released their first single “I Want a Guy”. Although it was not successful on the charts, their second single “Buttered Popcorn” became a regional hit and set them up for success in the coming months and years.

The Supremes became one of Motown’s most successful groups of the 1960s. They released twelve studio albums together and earned eighteen number-one singles on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 chart – more than any other female recording artist except for Aretha Franklin.

End of an Era
In July 1967, Motown Records chief Berry Gordy gave Diana Ross top billing over the Supremes. That move clearly signaled Gordy’s intention to launch Diana on a solo career. Earlier, Gordy had Diane’s name changed to Diana, and he made Diana Ross the official lead singer of the Supremes. This undoubtedly put extra strains on the relationships between Diana and her fellow musicians. Two years later, in 1969, the group officially broke up.

The farewell concert of Diana Ross and the Supremes, in Las Vegas, on January 14, 1970, marked the end of an era for the iconic Motown group. The concert was held at the Las Vegas International Hotel and Casino. It was the last performance of Diana Ross with the Supremes before the start of her solo career. The crowd was filled with fans who had followed the group throughout their career. The concert featured many of the group’s biggest hits, including “Stop! In the Name of Love,” “Baby Love,” and “Someday We’ll Be Together.” Diana Ross and the Supremes received a standing ovation at the end of the concert. The group’s final performance together was met with tears and cheers from the crowd. The concert was a fitting end to the Supremes’s career, marking a significant milestone in the history of popular music.


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